How to Charge the Right Android HP Battery

How to Charge the Right Android HP Battery

Having an android smartphone is something that is buried by everyone. This is because an android smartphone is a simple gadget but its ability is able to facilitate all human affairs. Besides that, the price of each Android smartphone is also affordable. Having an android smartphone turns out to require us to know about how to properly care.

Some users often complain that the battery is easily damaged. Indeed android smartphone battery will not be easily damaged if we know about how to charge the android battery properly. So for those of you who don’t know how, here’s how to charge the right android cellphone!

How to Charge the Right Android HP Battery

In the following, we will give you the correct way to charge your android cellphone. The number of ways is.

Turn off the Smartphone

So that the battery can be charged quickly and lastly, then the thing we have to do is to turn off the smartphone that we have. When the smartphone is off, it means that nothing comes out, but the power entering from the charger will be fully received. Besides being able to speed up charging, it turns out that charging the battery off can also make the battery components last longer.

Recharge When the Battery Is Below 30%

If your battery is still above 30%, don’t charge it first. Do charge the battery when the power indicator shows the number below 30%. Charging a battery below 30% is believed to be able to speed up charging and can make the battery not easily bloated.

Turn off the Data Package

Sometimes we meet many people who refill but the internet network is left active. Actually it is okay to do this, but when the internet is on, it means that the power flowing from the charger does not fully enter the battery, but is lost because it is used for surfing. To overcome this, it is better if the smartphone data plan is turned off so that the incoming power can be 100% received by the battery.

Do not use

It is better if when doing the charging, the smartphone is left and not used. It’s the same with humans when sleeping, surely it is not nice if we are woken up at the wrong time? To keep the battery charged normally, and no power loss is useless, it is better if the smartphone is left during the charging process.

Use Flight Mode

How to charge the android battery right next is to turn on the flight mode. When the android mobile phone enters the flight mode option, it is clear that all activities involving signals and networks will be stopped. Thus, leakage of incoming power will be reduced and the battery will quickly charge. This method is very suitable for those of you who are traveling or even when you need extra power in a short time.

Use the Android Battery Saver Application

How to charge the android phone battery correctly and the last is to use the android battery saver application. An example is the Du Battery Saver application. This application is able to make our android mobile battery charging normally and regularly. As a result, power leakage during charging is minimal.

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