How to Check the IMEI Number of an Android Smartphone

How to Check the IMEI Number of an Android Smartphone

Lately, one of the news in the field of technology includes the government’s plan to block cellphones or smartphones that are not registered with the Ministry of Industry. This cell phone group is often termed the black market cell phone (BM). One of the ways the government does is by checking the IMEI number of existing mobile devices. If it is not registered, the cellphone will automatically be blocked. This policy will take effect this April and is carried out in stages.

For owners of sophisticated mobile and smartphone devices , there is certainly no need to worry. Apart from the Ministry of Industry which has provided a web address to check the IMEI number independently, currently there is also an Android-based application that can be used to check the IMEI number. By using this application, the checking process will be faster without opening a web browser first. This time the author will provide a tutorial on how to check the smartphone’s IMEI number using the Android application. As for the steps, they are as follows:

1. First download the application “Check IMEI Legal Ministry of Industry” through Google Play Store. When finished, click open.

Download  the Ministry of Industry’s IMEI Legal Check application

2. Make sure your smartphone is connected to the internet, wait a few moments. If so, the IMEI number display will automatically appear as shown. Note: for smartphones that already have dual SIM, usually they will have 2 IMEI numbers as shown in the picture . Click the check button .

3. Wait for the checking process for a few moments. The results will look like in the picture. If registered, it will say “IMEI is registered in the Ministry of Industry’s database”. If it is not registered, a red text will appear explaining that your cellphone is not registered at the Ministry of Industry.

Thus a simple tutorial on how to check the smartphone’s IMEI number via the Android application. May be useful.

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