How to Check XL Numbers

How to Check XL Numbers 

 Have you ever experienced a situation where you did not know your own mobile number? If you are currently reading an article on how to check this XL number, then you can be sure that you currently do not know or forget your or someone else’s XL number. This is very natural and can happen to anyone. Make sure you listen to the article on how to find out your own XL number so that you can successfully see the XL number you have.
There are many reasons why we can forget our own XL numbers. One reason is that we forget to save the cell phone number in the telephone contact. Or we replace our cellular devices with new ones, but we forget to backup the XL numbers stored on them. That is your reason to look for ways to check this XL number .
XL Axiata is one of the cellular telecommunication operator companies in Indonesia. XL started its commercial operations on October 8, 1996 and was the first private company to provide cellular telephone services in Indonesia.
XL currently has two GSM product lines, namely XL Prepaid and XL Postpaid. In addition, XL also provides corporate services which include Internet Service Provider (ISP) and VoIP services.
Actually there are many ways to check your XL number. Use the easiest method you can do. But to note is that some of the methods presented by Android62 require you to install certain applications. Let us refer directly to how to find out this XL number.
The following are some ways to check XL numbers that you can do easily. Choose the method that is easiest for you. Because some methods require additional devices.
1. Check XL Via Dial Up Number

How to Check XL Numbers With Dial Up.

The first way to check your XL number is to use the existing dial up service on your cellular device. This method is very easy to do. Provided you have a mobile device that has an XL SIM card in it.

How to check XL numbers via Dial Up

Ensure that the mobile device is on.
Open the call menu, press * 123 # , then select OK / YES / CALL .
A notification will appear on the screen. Select option number 7 INFO .
Choose option number 1 for my XL Card Info .
Select option number 2 Details Your XL Number .
Transaction Info status will appear . When experiencing this enter 97 Next .
Select option number 1 Check Profile.
Select option number 1 Number Info .
The XL number details screen that you are currently using appears.
2. Check XL Via USSD Modem Number
How To Check Indosat Numbers With USSD Menu On Modem
In addition to using a cellphone, you can also try checking XL numbers using a modem. If you want to know the XL number installed on your modem, you don’t need to move the card on the modem to the cellphone. Because you can see the XL number and also the remaining credit and data package directly from the modem using a laptop or PC.

How to check XL numbers via USSD Modem

Activate the modem
You need to activate the modem first by plugging in a PC or Laptop. Wait until the modem is detected and the modem dashboard display appears.
Open the USSD menu
After your modem is active and detected, you can search for and open the USSD menu located on the main dashboard menu of the modem that has been connected to a PC or Laptop.
Type * 123 #
If you are already connected to the USSD menu, you only need to type * 123 # then select send.
Detailed card information appears
After you send the number, you only need to follow the instructions or options that appear on the screen. This method is not much different from knowing the XL number with Dial Up above.
3. Check XL Numbers Through Operator Assistance
How to Check XL Numbers Through Operator Assistance
The next way to check your XL number is by utilizing the customer service that has been provided by XL. This method might be a little complicated, because you are required to contact XL operators, which may be due to lots of activity from other customers so the response is not too fast.

How to check XL numbers through operator assistance

Call 818 (free of charge). This service will connect you to Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or an automatic answering machine.
This service will connect you with XL operator officers directly.r Using the myXL Application

How to Find Out XL Numbers Using the myXL Application

The next way to check your XL number is to use a special application that has been provided by Xl, myXL . This application has many benefits if you use it to the fullest. Not only can it be used to check XL numbers, but this application can also be used to purchase data packages and also find out all the XL number information you have.
What needs to be considered in how to find out the XL number with this method is, the new myXL application can be used if you have previously registered your XL number. If you have never registered an XL number in this application before, then you must register it first.
It wold be nice, shortly after you buy a new XL number, don’t throw away the packaging. But activate the card and download the myXL application to register the XL number you just bought. If at any time you forget your XL number, you only need to open this myXL application to check the XL number.

How to check XL numbers using the myXL applicatio.

Download and install the myXL application on the Google Play Store (for Android) and App Store (for iOS).
If it has been successfully installed, open the myXL application and enter the application using your XL number.
All your XL number information will appear on the main page of the myXL application.
5. How to Check XL Numbers by Calling the Numbers of the Closest People
Make Phone Calls to Other People’s Numbers
You can also check this XL number. If you feel confused by some of the methods above. This can be an option for those of you who want to know the XL number you have. The trick is also very easy, make a call to the number of people closest to you. When making a call, ask the person you contact to write down the number that you have.
Ask the person you contact to send your number immediately. Easy enough right? Because in general the number of people who call will be seen on the cellphone of the person you’re talking to. Try to do it, how to find out your own XL number is very easy and also simple.
6. How To Check XL Numbers With SMS To Others
Send SMS to others
In addition to using check XL numbers by calling other people’s numbers. You can also send SMS to the people closest to you. That way, of course you will be able to find out the XL number that you have easily. Not much different from how to find out the XL number above.
Sending an SMS will make your XL number visible on the cellphone owned by the person you sent the SMS to. Write down and save your XL number properly if you have got it. Of course you will no longer feel confused and can also find out the XL number that you have very easily.
Those are some ways to check the XL number that you can use if you forget the XL number you have at the moment. Use the method that is easiest for your current situation. If you have difficulty in checking this XL number, you can comment through the comments menu below.

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