How to Clean a Laptop from Viruses

How to Clean a Laptop from Viruses

How to Clean a Laptop from Viruses – How to clean a laptop from a virus is indeed a lot of ways, there is a direct reinstall or even with antivirus. The cause of laptops affected by this virus can be because of too many software installs or even because you often open links on the internet.

Laptops that have been infected with a virus must definitely be cleaned up immediately, because if not then you can just damage C data, causing all documents and data to be lost. For this reason, you must find a way to clean the laptop from viruses, so that the laptop becomes clean and can operate normally as usual.

Try Installing Antivirus

One way to clean a laptop from a virus first is to install a number of antiviruses, there are 2 types of laptop antiviruses, which are free or paid. If you want to install an antivirus, choose a good one and can clean all the viruses so that your laptop will be clean and avoid viruses.

Remove Viruses From the System Registry

Next is to remove viruses from the system registry, in this case you have to follow the command “regedit” ?? which is used to delete and also change viruses from the registry. To do this, please enter the start-run-regedit, then edit menu and select Find.

After that, enter the name of the virus you want to delete, select find next again, then delete all viruses and continue by pressing f3. In this way, your laptop will be free of viruses so that all document files are maintained properly.

Try the Windows Command

How to clean the laptop from the third virus is to use the windows command, this will function to kill the virus in memory. How to? it’s easy, namely by pressing the ctrl + alt + del then the task manager window will appear.

If this window is open, please enter the process section then click user name to sort the file types in memory. If it’s finished, please look at the part that is suspicious or not.

Disable Viruses At Start Up

To disable this virus, you can stop it at the start up, the way to use the command “MSConfig”, another way is to press windows + r. If it has been pressed, usually the system configuration utility will appear, just select start up and select disable all. This method is quite effective in getting rid of viruses from laptops, but to completely disappear then you can just reinstall the laptop.

How to clean a laptop from this virus hopefully can help you, so that when exposed to the virus can be overcome in its own way.

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