How to Clear Windows 10 Cache

Deleting cache is important for the health of the computer that you have so that the computer is smooth in carrying out its activities. Cache itself can be in the form of junk files generated from certain programs, both system and user (correct if wrong). Stacking cache can cause the computer to slow down when used. Then how do you clear the cache on Windows 10? Let’s listen carefully.

1. Windows 10 Update Cache 

To clear windows 10 update cache you have to go to “File Explorer” and from the display menu check the box “Show hidden folders”. And then go to “C: \ Windows \ SoftwareDistribution \ Download”

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Once you get to the “Downloads” folder, delete all its contents. This is an easy and simple way to clear update cache on the Windows operating system.

2. Windows Store Cache 

To clear cache from Windows Store, you have to go to the Start menu and open a window Runor press . Then type click ok. The Windows Store will appear and a command box opens as well. The command box has no text. This will clear cache in the background. When all the caches have finished deleting, the command box will automatically close.  Windows Key+RWSReset.exe

3. Windows Temporary Files Cache 

Open the start menu or press the windows key and type “Disk Cleanup” hit enter or select Disk Cleanup. A window will appear asking you what prompt you want to delete. Select the required disk form list and press “OK”.
Wait a few moments for the scanning or analysis process.
After analyzing, it will show a window asking you to delete the selected files. Then check the temporary files checkbox, hit “Ok” and then the cache will be cleared.
If a new window appears then just select Delete. This method will delete the temporary files on your Windows 10.

4. Windows Browser Cache (Edge, Chrome, Firefox) 

To clear your browser cache, go to the start menu and type “Internet Options” and open it. There you will see an option to clear your browser browsing history. Select it and press “OK”.

5. Windows Thumbnail Cache

Go to the Start menu and go to “File explorer” and check the “show hidden folders” checkbox and make them visible. And now go to And select all files starting with the word thumbchace and delete them permanently by pressing . C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer
Shift + delete

6. Windows Icon Cache

Go to the Start menu and go to “File explorer” and check the “show hidden folders” checkbox and make them visible. And now go to . Now delete hidden files . And after deleting the files, restart your windows operating system. Your Windows Icon cache will be cleared. Or you can access and select all files starting with iconcache and delete them permanently by pressing . C:\Users\Username\AppData\LocalIconcache.db
Shift + delete

The final word

That’s how to delete a cache in Windows 10, you can also use third-party software to delete the cache like CCleaner.

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