How to Convert Text to Voice in Video with Capcut

With the intense competition among current applications, many applications provide various kinds of the latest features that are not/not owned by rival applications. One of them is the feature of converting text into sound in videos using the Capcut video editing application.


Lately, this one video editing application is quite in demand by social media creators. The reason, apart from being a video editing application; This application also has free templates which are quite popular on Reels Instagram and Tik Tok.


Meanwhile, to be able to convert text into sound on videos, the Capcut application already has its own features. So you don’t need to download additional applications. This feature is named Text to Voice . Later, in addition to displaying text in the video; The video will also display sound based on the text in the video.


1. First upgrade the Capcut video editing application to the latest version on the Play Store.

2. When you have, just open the Capcut application. Tap the + ( Add ) icon on the Editing menu ( scissor icon ). Then select one or more photos and videos that you want to serve as the background. When you have, Tap the Add button to immediately start making videos in the Capcut application.

3. Meanwhile, to convert text into sound, first tap  Text to open text/writing menus. To create a new text/text, tap the Add Text menu .

4. Type the text you want to convey in the video. When you have, you can first edit the appearance of the text on the video; such as changing the font type, giving incoming and outgoing animations to the text, giving the appearance of effects to the text, and much more. When done, tap  check .

5. To display the voice on the text, simply tap on the text/writing that was previously created and tap the Text to Voice feature .

6. Later there will be 3 voice choices provided by the Capcut application, namely American Male , American Female , and British Female . Select one of the sound options and tap the Play button to hear the result of the sound you selected. Tap the tick to apply the sound to the video.

7. Do the same steps to display the sound of your video based on the text in other parts of the video.


Actually this feature is very suitable for English text and less suitable for Indonesian text. So if you want to add voice to your English videos, you can take advantage of the Text to Voice feature of the Capcut app.

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