How To Convert TikTok Videos Into Mp3

Do you often find good songs on the TikTok app? Want to make it an Mp3 or your smartphone ringtone ? Follow how to make it below.


What do you think of when you hear the word TikTok? Surely we all agree that this application contains video content that is funny, interesting and informative and is one of the currently booming applications .
Yes, TikTok is currently one of the most popular applications in its class. This video-sharing platform has been downloaded hundreds of millions of times, so it’s no wonder that TikTok is quite popular, let alone used by teenagers.

Currently, there are lots of users or netizens who really like uploading videos to TikTok. Well, to make videos that attract many users, they also add interesting audio in each of their video uploads. Because interesting content will certainly bring in many viewers and followers .


Not a few of us who may have heard the audio of the uploaded video on TikTok are interested and want to convert it to mp3 so that it can be used as a notification ringtone or alarm. But unfortunately in the TikTok application there is no feature to convert the audio in the video into Mp3, then how?


The first way you can do is to use Audio Extractor . What is an audio extractor ? So this application serves to separate the audio or song in the video and then convert it to mp3 format.


1. The first step, you must first download the TikTok video whose sound or sound you want to make into Mp3. Then you download the Audio Extractor application .

2. Open the Audio Extractor application and select the AUDIO EXTRACT menu then select the TikTok video that you downloaded earlier.

3. You set the start and end time using the start time and end time menu , then select the output format at the bottom. You can choose Aac, mp3 and wav formats. Next tap Extract audio then we wait for the extraction process for a while.


So how, not too difficult to understand right? What’s interesting in this Audio extractor application is that you can also cut the audio at certain seconds if needed. Because as we know sometimes videos from TikTok have a long enough duration and we only need certain parts.