How To Convert Web Articles Into Audio Files

Are you busy with many activities? But want to read articles on a website? Relax now you can convert articles on the website into audio files . Here’s how!


Android is an open source system , easy to edit according to our expectations. This may be one of the factors on how popular the Android system is today. Although it does not deny that there are many other OS that may be tough competitors for Android such as iOS.

When we open Google Play there, of course, we see there are a lot of applications, ranging from games to productivity, which are very adaptable to our daily needs. Well, as in the title above Inwepo will share a few tips for easily converting web articles into audio files with the help of third-party applications that we can download easily on Google Play.


Today we see a variety of websites with various categories of articles as well as information submitted. It can be seen from the web of education, religion, about information, artists and many others, which are very easy for us to access every day.

If you want to understand the content of a website, of course we all have to read it carefully. Unfortunately many of us are probably busy with our daily routine. Then how can we understand the contents of the web without having to read?


There are methods that are quite practical and reliable. Namely changing the content of the web article into an audio file . Which audio we can listen to whenever and wherever we are, without disturbing other activities that we do.


1. First, you must have the Epic Browser application first. Please download it and install it on your respective smartphone .

2. Open the Epic Browser application that has been installed , then tap ACCEPT & CONTINUE . Then look for articles on any website, if you tap the 3 dots in the upper right corner to bring up another menu.

3. To convert the article to Audio tap Add to Audio Queue . Next, to open the audio file, tap the Audio Queue menu , then ultimately you will be directed to the Audio Queue menu , which contains the conversion results of your article. Tap the play icon  at the bottom to start listening to the article.


The above tricks are very helpful for anyone who is lazy to read long articles from a web. Or it could be reserved for those of you who are always busy with daily routines. You can still listen and don’t have to read it.

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