How to Create a Comment Timestamp on the YouTube App

Timestamp is a YouTube feature to mark certain minutes or seconds on YouTube videos in the comments column. Create minute links in the comments or add specific video seconds in the comments column.

YouTube is an application where we usually use it to watch videos and get information and entertainment in it. In this application itself, there are various types and durations of videos, both short videos to long ones (with a duration of hours). For short videos, of course we can watch the video in its entirety.

But for long videos, usually we will feel bored so we don’t watch it to the end. In fact, often important moments or information from these long videos appear in the middle or end of the video. As a result, the available moments/information are often missed.


Timestamp is one of the most useful features on the YouTube platform . This feature allows us to mark the time code contained in a video through the comments column or the term comments at certain seconds on YouTube videos. By marking the time code, we can go directly to the time code without having to watch the video in its entirety. This feature is very useful for viewers or viewers who want to mark important information/moments contained in the video. Making it easier for  other viewers.

As for this opportunity, the author will provide a tutorial on how to create a comment timestamp in the YouTube application. This method can be said to be quite easy but useful for other YouTube users when watching the video. The steps are as follows.


1. Open the YouTube app on your device. Can use web or mobile (here the author gives an example using YouTube mobile/Android) . If you have selected / specified the video you want to add a timestamp to.

2. Then watch the video carefully. If there is info or the most important part of the video that may be useful to other viewers, pause the time code. Then you enter the comments column.

3. In the comments field, type the time code of the video and provide a description of what important information is presented in the video content. If so, the time code that we write will automatically become a timestamp (as in the right image) When we click or press this timestamp , the video will go directly to the time code.


That’s a tutorial on how to create a comment timestamp in the YouTube app. The existence of this feature is certainly very useful. In addition to helping other viewers find important information from a video through comments, it can also help the video maker so that important information can be conveyed to other YouTube users. May be useful

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