How to Create a Dolly Zoom with Instagram

Want to make a dolly zoom effect but don’t know how? Feeling complicated because you don’t know the concept? Well, you can try making a dolly zoom effect with the help of Instagram. Here’s how!


Now, to take amazing photos, you don’t need to use a DSLR class camera anymore. Taking photos at the right moment, the right lighting and just a few photography tricks , from the android smartphone that you are holding right now you can also produce pretty good pictures.

Android phones today are very supportive when used for photography activities . The cellphones that we use today are indeed designed with cameras with a fairly good resolution. If many users understand how to produce attractive photos, with an Android phone, the photos produced can be in the same class as photos produced by professional photographers .

Then how to produce good photos using a smartphone camera ? Well, actually there are many ways to get satisfactory photo results. One of them, you can try an effect that is trending like this one, namely the dolly zoom effect .


The dolly zoom effect is a camera movement effect which combines the dolly camera movement technique and also the zoom technique . This technique creates a vertigo effect , changing the object as if it is enlarged and the background is fixed.


The sophistication of today’s technology brings us to a new era, for example creating a complicated dolly effect without having to use a classy camera, we can do it only by using the Instagram application. Of course, here we will be helped by the filters or camera effects on Instagram. How do I make it?


1. Open your Instagram then open the story menu , swipe left in the filter section until you find the Browse Effects menu . Next in the search field type ” vertigo “.

2. There will be several choices of effects related to the vertigo keyword. Select the Nytimes- made effect . Tap the camera icon or the Try menu to use the vertigo effect .

3. Tap the rear camera icon or the top center menu. Then according to the instructions, tap and hold the shutter button and then move the camera back from the object slowly to produce a vertigo effect .


The above method will certainly make it easier for us to make dolly zoom videos or vertigo effects. Now anyone can easily make it, including those of you who don’t really understand photography .