How to Create Channels and Categories on Discord

How to Create Channels and Categories on Discord

After we previously created a group on Discord, we need to add certain channels and categories so that each Discord member can do their activities well. For workers, this is certainly very good because we don’t need to listen to everyone at the same time. We also can write things that are needed without disturbing others and not interrupted by other people’s writing that is not intended for us.

The Discord function is very similar to Skype, so we can also do the call / telephone function via Discord. Here you can also create your own group calls if you want to talk to only a few Discord members without interrupting with other chats.

To carry out this communication, of course we need to make one part of ourselves that is not mixed with the other. But how do you make this part? Following are the steps that can be taken to make sections in the form of channels and categories on Discord:

Make sure you have passed this step:

How to Create a Group / Server on Discord


1. Open Discord on the group / server that was created before.

There are 2 ways to start creating channels and categories:

2a Look for the “v” shaped sign next to the group name that we created earlier. If we click the options will appear “Create Channel” and “Create Category “. Click “Create Channel” to create a channel.

2b. Right-click on the menu bar where the text channels and voice channels are then a “Create Channel” and “Create Category” option will appear . Click “Create Channel” to start a channel.

3. Select “Text Channel” then name the channel as needed, then press “Create Channel” to finish.

4. If we choose “Create Category” we just enter the name of the desired category then press ” Create Category ” to finish.

5. We can enter the channel that we created into the category to organize the channel.

6. The channel can be used.

So the tutorial this time, good luck.

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