How to Create Text Stickers on WhatsApp

In this month of Festival, of course, it has become a tradition to give greetings, such as happy breaking fast, sahur and so on. Well, because what is common today is sending instant messages, you can also make Whatsapp greeting sticker text. Curious how? Read more here.


Every year, WhatsApp is quite diligent about updating new features. Yep, that’s all of course done to make it easier for users to use the green instant messaging application.

One feature that is old and of course we are familiar with is the sticker. Stickers make it easier for us to communicate and express. For example, if you want to say good morning, without having to type in text, you can directly send funny or cool stickers related to the message we are going to send. Certainly more expressive than just sending text.


Maybe we certainly already know the name stickers or chat stickers . This is not something new to talk about. Indeed, WhatsApp is not the first to bring the sticker feature in its application, but there are many conveniences such as being able to make your own stickers, free download stickers without having to use coins or subscribe to a premium account and so on. This convenience may not be felt by other chat users such as paid LINE.


Well, in this fasting month of we certainly often give greetings to friends or family. You can also express it more easily through stickers. Below, has prepared a way to make Ramadan text stickers easily.


1. Download and install on your respective smartphones the application . Then open the application and tap the plus icon in the middle. Next, select the sticker that you want to make, just select Regular .

2. Select the rightmost menu or Text , then tap the Create New menu then all you have to do is type in the word you want to make a sticker. To enhance the appearance of the sticker use the menu at the bottom. The menu includes, the menu changes colors, font styles , shapes and others.

3. You can add emoji if you like then tap next menu. You will be taken to the label menu, add the appropriate label then tap Save .

4. Tap on the new Pak menu then enter the name of the sticker pack and also the name of the creator.

5. If you have opened the sticker you just created and then tap Add to WhatsApp , the results are as follows.


How is it not difficult right? Making Ramadan text stickers is very easy, it’s as easy as typing normally and then uploading it to WhatsApp. For those of you who have tried, don’t forget to share this article with other friends so that they can also make Ramadan text stickers .