How to Create WhatsApp Notification Ringtones from Text

Ringtones or notification sounds are indeed one of the things that are needed, especially considering the number of social media we use. Well, this time inwepo will share a trick to convert text into sound to use as notification ringtones on WhatsApp.


The WhatsApp application is indeed quite popular in recent years. This messaging application is equipped with a number of features that are quite comfortable for every user. Now WhatsApp is also certainly a mainstay application when it comes to communication, of course almost all cellphones have this one application installed .

For its own use, WhatsApp is quite simple with an interface that is very easy to understand by everyone. The features themselves are also quite complete, ranging from standard features for sending chat messages to making video calls or exchanging documents.


In addition to the above, WhatsApp also provides flexibility for its users to customize the ringtone or notification sound for their application when a call or message comes in.

What’s booming right now is making text into sound for ringtones on WhatsApp. Ringtones are generally very monotonous, with the sound of the system being the same. Quite boring indeed, fortunately now we can use the text to speech feature to convert ordinary text into ringtone sound.


Well, the feature to make ringtones from text is unfortunately not yet available on WhatsApp. But don’t worry, we can take advantage of a free site called Freetts.

WHAT IS FREETS is a website, which includes a feature that can convert text into sound.

Here we can change the voice message or voice text earlier to be used as a ringtone. For example, like, “There’s an incoming call, dear! “. How cool looks right? Well, if you are curious and interested in trying to make it, follow the trick below.


1. Go to the site, then directly tap the Start menu to Text Speech Free.

2. Write the text you want to make a notification ring or ringtone. In the language section you change it to Indonesian, and don’t forget to set Voice .

3. Tap Convert to mp3 if it is later a preview will appear at the bottom, you can try to listen to the sound first. If you have everything tap Download mp3 then just go to WhatsApp Settings and change the notification in the Notifications menu section.


How, not too difficult right? Well, you can use the voice ringtones that you created earlier in any application, including WhatsApp. In addition, we can also change the ringing text as we like whenever we are bored with the sound. Good luck!

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