How to cut a video on a PC / laptop computer

There are many free video cutter applications on the Windows operating system. But unfortunately among most of these applications, many of the results are unsatisfactory, such as the results of cutting videos that don’t fit properly, the video quality decreases, the installer size is too large and the video size doesn’t get smaller either.

Well here the author wants to recommend 2 video cutter applications that have good quality and are free, even the application has many features such as being able to combine several videos into 1 video. Here’s the tutorial


InVideo is an online video editor platform with over 1.5 million users from 190+ countries. By presenting an easy-to-use and understandable interface, inVideo can be accessed directly through your browser to edit videos. This app is great for creating video ads, promo videos, social media videos and more. InVideo comes packed with 4000+ templates, premium stock media, text boxes, and more. What’s interesting is that the free feature of InVideo doesn’t have a watermark (No watermark) in the video edits later.


  • 4,000+ templates
  • 8M + iStock Media Library and 1M + Premium Media Library from Shutterstock and Storyblock.
  • Convert articles into videos easily.
  • Features cut, trim, composite, apply brand presets, etc.
  • Auto text-to-speech + the ability to add your own voice
  • 24 x7 live chat support & a community of over 20 thousand creators and marketers
  • Available for: Windows, Mac and iPad (on popular desktop-based browsers)

1. Open the inVideo site , then select the “Make a Video” button (please register for an account first)

2. Select the video or image you want to edit or cut. You can use a template from inVideo or you can upload a video from your computer, by selecting the “Upload Video” button.

3. In the right pane, select “Crop Frame” or “Trim Video” under the edit tab.

4. When finished, then select the Download & Share button then Export. Done


VideoPad is a free video editor application, this application cannot be run through a browser, you must install this application on your computer, if you want to go directly through the browser without installing the application please use inVideo Editor.

1. Download and install VideoPad Video Editor for free. (Can be used for Windows and Mac OS).

2. Run VideoPad Video Editor. Choose non-commercial.

3. Select Open Project.

4. Drag the video to the bottom of the menu (see image below).

5. Select or block the video you want to delete, then right click select “Delete Selected Program”.

6. When finished cutting the video, to save it select the File menu – Export Video …

7. Select where to save the video you want to save.


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