How to Deactivate Live Broadcast Notifications on Facebook

How to Deactivate Live Broadcast Notifications on Facebook

Here is how to turn off live broadcast notifications on Facebook . Sometimes some Facebook notifications are very unnecessary. One of them is a live video notification broadcast by a Facebook friend.

Facebook Live is a feature on Facebook that service users can utilize to stream videos directly on the site.

Anyone on Facebook can use the Facebook application for Live Streaming . But all of those things will end up in your news feed, if there is something more interesting than other users.

One problem with Facebook Live is that notifications are turned on by default which means that you will be notified of every live streaming that Facebook friends start.

This makes sense because it is useful to remind you if there are live streams, because you won’t know about it on Facebook if there are no notifications out.

On the other hand, if your friends use the live streaming featurefor things that are of little or no interest to you, you might want to block Live notifications on your Facebook site that might be interrupted by their notifications. This is especially true if by chance some do Live Streaming regularly.

How to Deactivate Live Broadcast Notifications on Facebook

For those who want to disable live video notification or live video on Facebook, follow these steps:

Make sure you are logged in to Facebook .

Enter Settings via the upside down triangle button on your Facebook navigation.

On the next page, select Notifications . Faster steps, please click on this link .

Next, please look for the article Live Broadcast . Then change from Active to All Off .


That’s the Way to Disable Live Broadcast Notifications on Facebook , may be useful.

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