How to Delete a Zoom Account Permanently

Based on the concern of some people after learning the news that Zoom user data is misused by some parties to make a profit. so many people conclude this application is considered dangerous because the security system is still in question, especially user data that is traded, until Zoomboming or hacking by hackers who can enter any video conference to access personal data on the user’s mobile phone.

This makes some companies and government agencies also have banned their employees from using this application to avoid breaking into personal data or company data. After the news was widely discussed in cyberspace, citizens began to flock to share experiences that are not wearing after using this video conference and meeting application . Starting from the hacked email to the m-banking data that was hacked . This news was tranding some time ago on social media, especially Twitter.

If you have decided to avoid unwanted things and choose to safeguard personal data, here’s how to permanently delete your Zoom account:

1. Open the Zoom application

2. Click Settings , make sure your account is Log Out / Sign Out

3. Then open the browser → type ” Zoom us “

4. Look at the top right corner → click on the picture “Line three”

5. Click Sign In , if you have already entered → click My Profile

6. See the Admin menu →  Click Account Management → then select Account Profile

7. Then click Terminate my account →  then click Yes

8. Until here your account has been deleted in Zoom cloud .

The last step to do is to make sure your email is no longer connected to Zoom:

1. Open browser → click on your Google account

2. Then, click Manage Google Accounts

3. Next, click Secure Account

4. Then, Click on Third-Party Applications (if there is no means your email is not connected to any site, If there is still a Zoom site → click Remove.

Thus is the article on how to delete a Zoom account permanently, hopefully useful.