How to delete Android system applications

How to delete Android system applications

As we know, the average android smartphone is filled with a variety of applications that are actually unnecessary and useless by smartphone vendor vendors. This makes the internal storage of smartphones wasted for applications that we do not use. And worse, there are many bloatware applications that are installed as system applications, so they cannot be removed.

Luckily, Android is an opensource operating system. There is always a way to outsmart the various shortcomings. If you are also quite disturbed by system applications, then you can use Link2Sd to delete the system applications. Previously, root your Android first.

Install it

You can install the Link2Sd application for free on Google Play. There is a Link2Sd application on Google Play, which is the free and paid version.

How to delete an android system application

Applications that fall into the category of system applications cannot be uninstalled in the normal way. You need to get root and Link2Sd privileges. If your Android smartphone has been rooted, open Link2Sd, then select “system applications” to display all installed system applications on your smartphone.

How to delete Android system applications

Select the system application that you want to delete. In this case, I want to delete Chrome. Then I will touch a few moments on the Chrome application until an option appears. Then select “delete”. A warning dialog will appear stating that incorrectly uninstalling a system application could have fatal consequences for your smartphone. So, always be careful if you want to delete a system application. Make sure you know what you are doing.

How to freeze the application

Actually the way is almost the same as when you delete the application, which is by holding down the application, then selecting freeze. Freezing an application is much safer than removing a system application. The frozen system application will not run until you activate it again using Link2Sd.

How to delete Android system applications

That’s how to delete and freeze system applications using Link2Sd. You can delete system apps that you don’t use. Or if you’re not sure you want to delete it, you can freeze it. In this way, the RAM of your android smartphone will be more relieved. Before deleting or freezing a system application, always find out in advance whether the application is safe or not. You can visit forums or groups that specifically discuss the type of smartphone you are using.

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