How to Delete Instagram Search History on Android Phones

For Android cellphone users, Instagram is an application that must be installed and owned by an Android cellphone. How come? There are various kinds of interesting topics available in this one application. Starting from personal life, celebrity gossip, application tutorials, movie info, even cooking recipes are available on the Instagram application. Not to mention, the products offered from the Instagram application; make users feel at home for long in this one application.


Just like with other chat applications and social media applications, the Instagram application also provides a Search feature. Through this feature, users can easily search for information and other Instagram accounts using keywords.


But did you know that when we visit someone else’s Instagram account, the visit history will automatically enter the search history feature. In simple terms, search history is a list of Instagram accounts belonging to other people who have visited before.

Besides being able to see Instagram accounts that have been visited before, through the search history feature you can delete the search history on your Instagram account.


1. Open the Instagram application on your Android phone, and then log in using your active Instagram account. Then click Profile to open your Instagram account page.

2. Click the three lines icon in the upper right corner, and then select the Settings menu or Settings . In the Settings menu, select the Security menu again .

3. On the Security menu, find and select the feature named Search history . This search history displays the Instagram accounts that you have searched for in the searching box and the ones you have visited before.

4. Click the cross (X) on the right side of the Instagram account to delete only one or more accounts. Or click Delete All to delete all your previous Instagram account search history.

5. Then a confirmation box will appear that will ask again: are you going to delete all search history?

6. Click Delete All to clear all search history or click Next to cancel delete all search history. Done, now all search history on your Instagram account has been deleted.


Even though you have deleted all search history on your Instagram account, that does not mean that the search history is completely deleted. After deleting, you will still be able to view deleted search history as recommended results when you are searching the Instagram application.

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