How to Delete Messages in Facebook Messenger at Once

Messenger is a chat or messaging application that is still the same parent with Facebook. This messenger application is intended for us as text message senders , for voice communication to video calls . This Messenger application is like any chat application in general. The only difference is that this application is connected directly to Facebook.


From Mark Zuckerberg’s side, he deliberately separated the messenger application from Facebook so that everything could focus on one thing only. The main purpose of Facebook is as a news homepage or News Feed while the messenger is intended as a message medium or inbox.

With our messenger it is easier to read incoming messages from Facebook. If you are an old user, of course, there are already a lot of messages that have entered on the messenger . For some reason, maybe you want to delete these messages. But, of course, it will be very complicated if we delete them manually or one by one. Surely this will take some time which may not be a moment. Then how do you delete it instantly in a short time?


To delete incoming messages on messenger simultaneously, you can use an extension on Google Chrome. But what if you only use a smartphone ? Well, below I will explain the tricks and the chrome extensions that are used.


1. Open messenger and select the chat chat with the friend you want to delete. Then tap the i menu in the top right corner, then you will enter the advanced menu tap 3 dots and tap Delete conversation.

2. To download at once you must first download the Kiwi Browser application . Then open the kiwi browser and type in the search field for Facebook fast delete message, select the top one. Add the extension and when a warning pop up appears tap OK.

3. Go to and login to your respective accounts. Tap the 3 dots in chrome to bring up another menu then tap the Fast Delete Messages extension then you will be directed to a new tab, just select Open message.

4. You will automatically open a chat message on messenger or inbox . Don’t forget to change to the desktop site then tap the fast delete message extension again, then you will be taken again to a new tab then select delete all messages.

5. Finally , a warning pop up will appear , immediately select delete to delete all messages. Remember messages that have been deleted cannot be returned, this is permanent.


The tricks above certainly make it easier for us and shorten the time if you want to delete all messages in the messenger inbox . Don’t forget to share the tricks above so that other friends who have the same problem are also helped.

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