How to Detect Someone’s Face Ethnicity on Android

In 2020 yesterday, there was a  pix2max  telegram bot  that went viral because it was able to detect someone’s face in the form of citizens of India, Asia, Europe, and Africa. The author assumes that the  bot  uses Artificial Intelligence technology  so it can predict the user’s face shape to be the face of most Indians, Asians, Europeans, and Africans. As for the 4 countries and 3 continents, we can call them ethnicity.

Ethnicity itself is a human group whose members identify themselves with others, based on factors that are considered the same. Not to be outdone by the pix2max feature  the Gradient: AI Photo Editor  application also presents almost similar features.

The difference is, Gradient: AI Photo Editor doesn’t show how your photos are from different ethnicities. However, the ethnic data collection in the Gradient: AI Photo Editor  application is  more than  pix2max. This application can learn and predict your face from any ethnic mix.


Supported by Artificial Intelligence, the  application is able to predict your face from any ethnic mix in just seconds. Not only that, this application also has many other interesting features, such as guessing the face of an artist that is similar to yours, guessing what your face will look like when you become an elf (fairy), guessing your luck based on your face, measuring your beauty level, changing your face to be an  elf. cartoons, guess what animal you are based on your face, and so on. Not only  filters,  this application provides space for  users  to  edit.


1.  Download  and  install  the Gradient :AI Photo Editor  application  on the Play Store. 

2. Open the application, and instantly you will be greeted with a welcome greeting from the application. Just skip  this section, by continuing to press the Continue button   until the last section.

3. This is the main menu of the application.

4. Since we want what ethnicity results we have from face detection, we will choose the What’s your DNA Ancestry feature  After the menu opens, select your image by pressing the choose image button .

6. Select the photo you want from the existing gallery , or you can use the camera icon  to get a new photo.

7. Wait a few moments until the feature is completely finished working.

8. And this is the result of the experiment that the author has done. As a result, the author’s face has an estimation of 49% Indonesian ethnicity, 30% Turkish, 20% Spanish, and 1% Mexican.

9. The author has also tried another feature, namely  Celebrity look alike,  and this is the result. Make sure your internet connection  is  smooth before using other features.


The application works using Artificial Intelligence technology   and has many features that we can use to ward off boredom. As for the results of this application, it is not a definite result, therefore do not trust this application too much. Just make the application as a game when PPKM hits most parts of India.

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