How to Download Free E-Books on the Gramedia Digital Application

During the Corona pandemic, many community members carried out activities at home. Whether it’s doing tasks related to work to school at home. But not so we do activities related to these tasks. Sometimes we need activities that are entertainment during activities at home. Some entertainment activities that can be done include playing games, watching movies to reading books.

Particularly the activity of reading books, one of which can be done by reading books online or commonly called E-Books if we cannot buy them in bookstores. Gramedia, which is one of the book distributors in Indonesia, is currently giving promos to read free e-books , using the Gramedia Digital application. This time the author will provide a tutorial on how to download free e-books on the Gramedia Digital application. As for the steps as follows:

1. First  download the Gramedia Digital application in the play store. If you already click open. After appearing on the start page, click on the promo shown in the arrow in the image.

You have to wait 1min.

Download the Gramedia Digital application

2. An e-book product that is currently free will appear . Select the desired book, then select buy.

3. If you are not logged in, you must first log in to the application. After logging in, the download process will be performed.

4. If the download process is complete, click read. Then we will immediately be able to read the book. Besides that the book will automatically be saved in the collection. To check, click on the “three strips” logo in the left hand corner.

5. The next step, select my collection. Then the book that we downloaded earlier will be seen in the collection menu.

This is the tutorial for downloading books for free via the Gramedia Digital application. The promo lasts until May 2, 2020. Every day there will be 6 books that can be downloaded for free. Then for the next day the six titles of the book will be replaced with other titles. So that we can download many books from the promo. May be useful.

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