How to Download Mp3 Files from YouTube to Listen Offline

How to Download Mp3 Files from YouTube to Listen Offline

Music is an art that is loved by everyone. Both women and men, children and adults. Moreover, there are many music genres in the world.

So, everyone can choose the genre of music you want to hear according to their preferences. The popularity of music makes a lot of companies that offer music streaming services.

Call it Spotify, Joox, and Apple Music. And recently, Google also launched its own music streaming service.

Some time ago, Google officially introduced its music streaming service, YouTube Music. Just as the name suggests, this music streaming service “lives” on the YouTube application that we know.

Whether it’s on desktop, iOS or Android. Then, how is YouTube Music different from the usual YouTube services that we already know?

One of them is if you subscribe to YouTube Music, you can listen to music in the background. If you don’t subscribe to YouTube Music, the music will stop if you close the application.

While users who have subscribed to music will still be playing in the background. The next advantage is the absence of advertising.

Every music you listen to will not be paused by advertisements. So you can be more comfortable listening to music.

Then what again? YouTube Music allows you to listen to music offline.

This means that an internet connection is only needed when streaming is first. Henceforth, you can listen to it without an internet connection at all.

So what is the price of this YouTube Music service? The price of a subscription for 1 month is Rp. 65,000. Quite expensive when compared to other music streaming services like Spotify and Joox.

For those of you who want to listen to music from your favorite artists on YouTube but are reluctant to subscribe to YouTube Music, there is actually a special trick you can do. Namely by downloading music videos from YouTube into mp3.

After the mp3 files are downloaded and stored on your device, you are free to listen to them anytime and anywhere. No internet connection at all.

You can read the full guide in one of Androbuntu articles The article has explained how to download mp3 songs from YouTube.

Interestingly, you can download as many mp3s as you need. What’s important is that your internet quota is sufficient.

But if you don’t have an internet quota, you can use wifi in public places. For example on campus, cafes, or others.

The advantage of this method is that you can listen to music on any device. Whether it’s a laptop, computer, or Android without an internet connection.

You are also free to choose to play the song using your favorite music player application. The next advantage is there are no ads that will bother you while listening to music.

The sound quality of the downloaded mp3 is exactly the same as the online version on YouTube. There will be no difference in quality at all.

If you are a person who loves to listen to music from YouTube repeatedly, then just download it into mp3 as I explained earlier. So you can save on quota and use it for other things.

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