How to Edit Instagram Photos

 How to Edit Instagram Photos #OplasChallenge Ala Celebrities

The word Instagram comes from the word ‘instant’ and the word ‘telegram’. The word instant underlies the meaning of the name of an instinct like a polarid camera which was better known as instant photo. While the word telegram refers to a tool that works to send information quickly to others.
Instagram is a photo and video sharing application that is loved by children to parents. On Instagram contains billions of photos from all over the world. There are various kinds of display photos from the original photo to the edited photo. One of the display photos that are currently viral is the #oplaschallenge photo.
To be able to display #oplaschallenge photos on Instagram, we need the FaceApp application. The FaceApp application was developed by the Russian company Wireless Lab which uses neural network technology to automatically create realistic transformations of faces in photos. The FaceApp application can change the look of the face to look young, make old, smiling faces, and even change gender. With this application, we can also make #oplaschallenge photos that are being viral on Instagram.
Then, how do you edit #oplaschallenge-style celebrity photos on Instagram using the FaceApp application? It’s easy, let’s just follow a few easy steps below.
1. Download the FaceApp application on the Play Store and install it on your device both Android and IOS.
2. Open the FaceApp application, and simply select a photo. Look for a half body photo from the top. Besides selecting photos directly, click the ‘ Camera ‘ button to take selfies directly. Or click the ‘ Photos ‘ button to open your device gallery.
3. Wait a minute, AI in the application is processing photos and preparing photo filters. The results are as follows, click the ‘ Fun ‘ to select a photo filter.
4. Here there are tons of photo filters that will make your photos look like plastic surgery. Choose one filter, here the author will choose the ‘ Silk ‘ filter Interestingly again, the photos will display photos before adding filters and photos that have been added filters. Click the save or share icon to save and share photos to social media.
5. Done, select social media Instagram. Besides Instagram, we can also send sandpaper photos to other social media, such as Facebook, Twitter or other social media.
Thus the explanation from the tutorial ‘How to Edit Instagram Photos #oplaschallenge Ala Celebrity’. Good luck.

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