How to Edit Photo Using QR Code

Have you ever thought about not editing photos using only a QR Code ? You must be confused right? Take it easy, just look at the review on how to edit photos using the QR Code below.


Technological developments, especially in the smartphone sector , make it easier for us to capture every moment into a photo. With the camera embedded in our smart phone, photography activities are also getting easier to do. Plus there are editing applications that have sprung up in application stores such as Google Play, adding to the perfection of the photos we take.

The ease of processing images is currently needed by everyone, not just photographers. Today anyone wants to have the best photos before uploading them to their respective virtual worlds or social media.


Unlike before now, editing can be done anywhere. Yes, of course this is because there is a smartphone editing application that is almost equivalent to photo editing software on a computer device. Each application has its own advantages and disadvantages, but have you ever imagined editing photos using only a QR code? Must be curious right? How can a QR code be used to edit photos.


To answer curiosity because of the title of the article above, for this tutorial we will use an editing application called Polarr. Polarr is an editing application that can be said to be not new, but its quality in terms of editing cannot be doubted with other excellent editing applications . Polarr offers several editing features and tools that may not exist in other similar applications. And what makes it even more interesting is that there is an editing feature that can be done by simply adding a QR code image. To find out more about how it works, see the tutorial below.


1. Open any browser app then type in pinterest search button then go to pinterest website . Then in the pinterest search menu, type ” polarr “, later a lot of polarr QR codes will come out.

2. Select a barcode then tap the 3 dots at the top. Then tap Download Image to save the barcode file to your smartphone gallery .

3. Install the Polar application , then open the application and tap on the Open Photos menu . Enter the photo you want to edit , then tap the plus icon at the top.

4. Select the Import QR Code menu , then you will be taken to register for the Polar application first, please register using your respective email .

5. Select the QR code image that you downloaded earlier, you will be able to use the effect immediately. Tap the save menu, then tap Check again.

6. Tap the upload icon at the top menu, then tap Save New Photo to save the edited file in the Polarr app.


Editing photos in this day and age is indeed endless if it is discussed. Well, this Polar application helps us to beautify the photos we take practically with just a QR code. This can be done because Polar itself provides a feature for users to create their own filters which can later be shared with other users in the form of a QR code.