How To Edit Photos Into Anime Without Applications

Anime is a term for Japanese cartoons. Before the popularity of computers and smartphones as it is today, this Japanese animated comic book was already popular among students. However, along with the development of times and technological advances, there are now many applications to subscribe to read anime comics online. Like the Line Webtoon application, Manga Toon, ComicRack Free and many more.

Speaking of anime characters, have you ever wondered how your face would turn into an anime character? There are tons of apps on the Play Store that can turn your photos into anime characters. But you know, we can change faces in selfies into anime characters without having to download additional applications. Through a site called Selfie 2 Waifu, you can easily change faces to become waifu or female anime characters. This site can be opened directly on your computer’s browser or device.

The Waifu Selfie 2 site was based on a study entitled ‘ Unsupervised Generative Attention Networks with Adaptive Layer-Instance Normalization for Image-to-Image Translation ‘ published by a team of researchers from Clova Al Research, NCSOFT game company, and the Boeing Korea Engineering and Technology Center last 2019.

Although the anime images produced by this site are quite accurate, the results can vary despite using the same photo.

Then how do you turn your selfie photos into anime characters on the Waifu Selfie 2 website? It’s easy, let’s follow a few easy steps below.

1. Open a browser on your computer or device. Type the Waifu 2 Selfie address at .

2. Scroll down the website, and search for ‘ Take A Selfie ‘ and ‘ Upload Photo ‘. Click take a selfie , if you want to take a selfie directly. Click upload photo, if you want to take an existing photo in your computer or device gallery. In order to get perfect results, use a simple background . Also take or use clear selfies with a large face.

3. Wait a minute, until AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) makes an anime version of your selfie photo.

4. Finish, the following appearance. Right-click and save the anime photo on your computer or long press the anime photo and select save on your device.

5. Now you can share an anime version of your selfie on social media.

Thus the explanation from the tutorial ‘How to Edit Photos Into Anime Without Applications’. Good luck.

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