how to enable notification led on android

Never do not you get a notification for example WhatsApp messages from a boyfriend but you are more males or not had time to open and read it?

Now for those of you who are lazy or don’t have time to hold a cellphone because you are busy or are on the way to bring a vehicle and drive, this method is suitable to be applied on your Android smartphone .

The Audify application is  an application that can help us read all notifications, from short message notifications (SMS), to notifications for social media applications such as LINE, WhatsApp, BBM, WeChat, etc. Here’s the tutorial:

1. Download the Audify Notifications Readery application on Google Play.

2. If it is installed, run the Audify application.

3. Swipe right on the “Enable Notification Access” section .

4. Then select the arrow in the lower right corner.

5. Then Swipe right on the “Try OnSpeaker”.

6. Then select the arrow in the lower right corner until it’s finished.

7. Check or swipe right of all settings.

8. Enter the settings by selecting the cleat image in the upper right corner.

9. Select the ” Text-to-speech ” section .

10. Select the gear in the “Google Text-to-speech engine” section .

11. Change the language to Indonesian.

12. Please do a trial run by sending a WhatsApp, LINE, BBM or SMS message to a smartphone with the Audify application installed, the notification will automatically be read out by Audify.


• Not all notifications can be read out by the application, for example for “Google Play application update” notifications. To get complete features, please use the Pro version of the Audify application.

• Do not “forced stop”  (Force stop) application Audify, because by doing forcibly stop Audify application will not run to read the incoming message notifications. Check whether the Audify app is running in the status bar.

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