How to Extract Zip Files Using Telegram Bot

Usually, to extract or open Zip files on an Android cellphone, we will use additional applications such as RAR, Azip Master, WinZip, and many other applications. Indeed, some smartphone brands provide a zip file extracting feature, but not all smartphone brands have this feature. But did you know that extracting or opening Zip files using bots in the Telegram application?


Apart from being a chat application, Telegram is also famous for its bot. How could I not, just a few steps in the Telegram bot; You can make various kinds of digital products easily and quickly. One of them is extracting or opening Zip files.

To be able to extract or open Zip files, you need help from a bot called Unzip Bot. Not only extracting ordinary Zip files, you can also extract Zip files that have a password.


1. After the Telegram application on your device opens, click the Search icon , then type the keyword Unzip Bot and select a bot called Unzip Bot . Just click on the bot. After Unzip Bot opens, just click the Start button to use the bot.

2. Click the Link icon and locate the Zip file that you have prepared in your device gallery. Click the File / File menu and locate the zip file. Select the zip file you want to extract, and then click the send button to upload the file to the bot.

3. If the zip file is not password protected, just click Unzip . However, if the file is protected by a password, click Password and then type the password for the zip file.

4. After that, there is no need to wait a long time for the bot to extract the zip file immediately. The bot will display all the files contained in the zip file. Go ahead and select one of the files you want to use. Done.

5. However, the shortcomings of Unzip bots; when you have opened one of the files, the other files in the Zip will automatically disappear. So if you want to open other files, then you have to extract the files again.


Now only by using Unzip Bot, you can extract Zip files using the Telegram application. Even though this bot has flaws, it aims to protect other files contained in the Zip file. Especially for Zip files that are protected by a password.

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