How to Find a Lost Android Phone with Gmail

How to Find a Lost Android Phone with Gmail

If you’re bad, anything can happen. Including losing a loved cellphone . It’s just annoyed, because maybe we have a lot of data there. Then if so, how do we find it? Or even if you can just delete all the data in the cellphone, so that it is not misused.

Luckily Google understands all of these problems. With its advanced technology, now Google can help find a clear cellphone with the ” Find your phone” facility .

That facility can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store too. But if you don’t want to bother you can go straight to the Gmail facility that we have. Here’s an easy way to find lost Android phones without an application using Gmail:

1. Open the following site address

2. Fill in the initials and account passwords that are still left on the lost cellphone . Then it will look like this.

3. After the display looks like the picture above, we can try to call the missing cellphone by selecting the Ring button .

4. If there is no dial tone, you can try to find the last location of the phone by selecting the locate button .

5. You can also choose the various facilities listed under the ring and locate options . Including locking remotely from the lost cellphone , if it does not have a screen lock.

If we decide to lock the screen, select the lock button your phone . Then the display will appear as shown below.

After that, fill in the password to lock the lost cellphone screen . So that the possibility of misuse of existing data in a lost cellphone can be minimized.

We can also give a word of warning, when someone opens the missing cellphone. These words will appear on the screen when the mobile phone is turned on.

6. Another option is to delete all data that is on the lost cellphone . A final choice that is extremely difficult actually, but rather than important data that is misused.

The trick is to press the Erase your data button at the bottom of the Find my phone facility on Google. After selecting the Erase my data button, the display will look like the following picture.

In this section Google will explain again about the choice of eliminating data. Google will notify you if data on external storage cannot be deleted and recommends that you first try using the ring, locate and lock facility.

In addition, Google also tells if all data in Google storage will not be lost, but all access to Google using your Gmail account will be blocked.

If there really is no other way, you can choose the Yes button , erase , so that Google runs the procedure of removing data on a cellphone that has been lost. If you decide not to reconsider, you can choose the No button , thanks .

As far as the experience experienced by the author himself when losing an  Android cellphone , almost all the facilities offered did indeed go as planned. When the lost cellphone is found again, on the screen is shown the locking system that we previously set . Then when the lock can be opened, visible warning words are also made.

Done Good luck, hopefully your lost Android can be found again.

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