How to Find Out Bf/Gf Activities

How to Find Out Bf/Gf Activities on an Android Smartphone

Having a long-distance relationship or so-called long distance relationship with a loved one is certainly not an easy thing. Sometimes there will be suspicion arising with our partners. Well, for those of you who are undergoing LDR relationships can try the way below to monitor our partners remotely via smartphone .

Long distance relationships are sometimes very difficult for some people to live. Even many who ran aground in the middle of the road because of long distance relationships. When undergoing long-distance relationships, commitment, loyalty, and of course communication are always well guarded. Although it looks heavy undergoing a long distance relationship arguably not as heavy as in ancient times.

By utilizing technological advancements such as video calls and voice calls, we feel close to our partners. But for those of us who are suspicious of couples, of course it is not enough.

For this time there is a sophisticated application that can help you monitor your partner’s smartphone
activities to reduce your suspicion of him. How does it work and how to use the application? Here’s how to find out your girlfriend’s activity on an Android smartphone .

You have to wait 1min.

Download the Couple Tracker Application(No avaible in palystore


1. The first step, download and install the Couple Tracker application first.

Download the Couple Tracker Application

2. The second step, open the Couple Tracker application that is already installed and then tap Continue .

3. Third step, tap on Yes, I Agree button then tap Connect with partner’s cellphone .

4. The fourth step, you will be taken to the ID creation page then tap again Connect to your partner’s cellphone . If you have entered your partner ID in the column provided then tap send connection request .

5. If it succeeds, the RIGHT SHOW command will appear on the screen, then when you swipe the screen to the right you will see all smartphone activities carried out by the couple starting from phone history , messages, Facebook, and you can also see the location where he is through a map. But first let the application synchronize user data first so make sure you are on a smooth internet connection.

Similarly, a tutorial on how to find out the activities of girlfriends on Android smartphones . Good luck.
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