How To Fix Bug Report in Mi Phone

TECHNOWORDL.COM Through its MIUI system interface , Xiaomi tries to equip various kinds of mobile phones with a number of equipment that can help users in their activities.

However, some of the features and support in the system interface are unfortunately not free from a number of problems which can actually be annoying when used.

A service called Analytics is one of them. In some cases that I often encounter, this Xiaomi default application sometimes stops suddenly and breaks the solemnity of the users.

Based on the information that appears on the screen, this problem is generally considered a bug that users need to report to the Xiaomi development team for immediate fix.

It’s just that in reality, problems that are considered bugs in the Analytics service still often appear on the cellphones of a number of users even though they have been reported repeatedly.

Therefore, users of course have to find a solution themselves in order to be able to overcome this problem. In general, here are some ways you can try to solve it.

How To Fix Bug Report in Mi Phone 

System Updates

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Enter the About Phone menu
  3. Click MIUI Version or System Update
  4. Tap the Check for updates button
  5. Install the latest system if available

Apart from introducing new features, support, interface, and versions of Android, system updates usually also bring fixes for a number of bugs that appeared in older versions.

Xiaomi users can certainly try it to solve bugs that appear on their cellphones, including the cause of errors in the Analytics service.

If the problem still appears on the most recent systems, then the user can try to clean the junk files which to my knowledge can also be a source of problems as they accumulate.

Clean Junk Files

  1. Go to Settings page
  2. Click the About Phone menu
  3. Touch the Storage section
  4. Find and select the Free Up Space opsi option
  5. Wait for cleaner to analyze storage
  6. Click the Clean button

By deleting junk files, users can get more storage space. In addition, some unused data will also be deleted so it won’t bother you anymore.

Reverting Analytics to Early Version

  1. Visit the Settings page
  2. Go to the Applications section if needed
  3. Go to Manage apps menu
  4. Click More menu (three dots icon) in the top right corner
  5. Select the option Show all apps
  6. Tap the Analytics app
  7. Touch the Uninstall updates button

Reverting Analytics to the initial version can also be the next solution if it doesn’t work to solve the problem the application has stopped because usually bugs also appear in newer version updates.

This option can also be followed by disabling the Analytics application so that the service does not work in line with the problem which can be done directly on the same page.

Disabling Analytics

  1. Access the Settings page
  2. Enter the Applications  menu if needed
  3. Go to Manage Apps option
  4. Tap More menu
  5. Click the Show all apps option
  6. Open the Analytics app
  7. Click the Deactivate button

In addition to taking some of the methods above to fix Analytics that has stopped, users can also try to fix the internet network that is currently in use.

Improve Internet Connectivity

  1. Drag the status bar down to bring up the control center or quick settings panel
  2. Click the Airplane Mode button (Airplane icon) to disable the network
  3. Click the button again to activate it

Analytics is a service that will record and send data from every user activity to Xiaomi servers for further development of MIUI products.

But predictably, the application also requires a stable internet connection to work. So when there is an interruption, problems can arise in the service and make it stop suddenly.

Disabling then activating airplane mode can be one effort to overcome this. However, if this method doesn’t work, users can try cards from other operators that have a more stable connection.

Factory Reset

  1. Open Xiaomi phone Settings
  2. Find and select Additional Settings
  3. Select menu Backup & Reset
  4. Click the Factory Reset option
  5. Touch the Reset Phone option

Reverting the device to factory settings can be the final solution that can be taken if the Analytics app still crashes frequently. But keep in mind, previous data and settings will also be lost.

If the Analytics problem persists, users will then need to take the device to a Xiaomi repair center and let a more skilled person solve it.

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