How to Get Answer Keys for All Subject Questions on Telegram

With the advancement of internet technology; the easier it is for us to get a lot of information from various sources. One of them is getting answers to subject matter questions.

Maybe not the same question, but the answer to the question is close to your question. What’s more, there are now many discussion forums on the internet and discussion groups on chat applications.


Talking about discussing questions in chat applications, did you know that there is now a question discussion bot on the Telegram chat application. Not only one subject, you can ask all subjects in this Telegram bot. This bot is called Bot Official WMO #WorkFromBali.

Later the Official WMO #WorkFromBali Bot will connect you to the Brainly site. As is well known, the Brainly site is one of the forum websites that contains discussion about questions on elementary, junior high, and high school subjects.

Generally we access brainly using a browser application. But in the bot, you only need to send a message containing a question which will then be answered by Brainly.


1. First open the Telegram application on your device, then click the Search icon and type the username @WMOOfficialBot and select the bot named Bot Official WMO #WorkFromBali .

2. When you find the bot, just click click to open the chat. Once the chat is open, click the Start button .

3. Click the slash (/) button on the left side of the message column, and select /more Indonesian to continue using Indonesian.

4. After that, you will be sent a list of links that have their respective functions. Meanwhile, to be able to get answers to questions from the subject, select the /brainly link .

5. Long tap on the /brainly link until the /brainly link appears automatically in the message field. Then type the question you want to ask. When done, click the Send button .

6. No need to wait long, the bot will immediately answer the question. The bot will display the answer that is considered the most appropriate for the question. Done, do the steps as above to find answers from other subjects.


How? It’s not easy to find answers to questions from subjects using the Telegram bot. However, keep in mind that this bot aims to help you solve problems and you must first read carefully the answers given by the bot. Is the answer in accordance with the questions given?