How to Hide All Posts at Once on Facebook Lite

As one of the most widely used social media applications by the world’s people today, in one day there are lots of news/messages that are shared using the Facebook application. Only using this one application, users can share various kinds of information such as daily activities, job vacancies, or share expertise/skills.


But like other social media applications, the Facebook application is also equipped with various useful features. One of them is the feature to hide your Facebook posts. Not just one or several posts, you can immediately hide all your posts in the Facebook application.

Later, the post will automatically go into the Archive folder which you can restore.


1. Here we will use the Facebook Lite application. Open the Facebook Lite app on your device and then login using your Facebook account. After that, click on your account profile photo on the left side of the text message box.

2. Then you will be directed to the Profile page. Click the three-dot icon to the right of the Edit Profile button to open your post settings menu.

3. There are several post settings provided; but to be able to hide all Facebook posts at once, select a feature called Activity Log . Once the Activity Log page opens, scroll down and find your Posts folder . Then click the Manage Your Posts button .

4. Click Select All to provide a check list of all your posts. Or you can delete the check list on some posts that you don’t want to hide. After that, click Archive and you are done. Now your post has been successfully hidden.

5. Meanwhile, to be able to display all posts that have been hidden; on the Activity Log page , locate and click the Archive button .

6. After that, click Select All to check list all your posts that have been hidden and then click Restore . After that, a confirmation box will appear that says do you want to restore the post? Click Yes . Done, now your post has been successfully restored and displayed again on your Facebook account.


Just by following a few steps as above, you can easily hide and recover your posts in the Facebook Lite application. Meanwhile, to be able to hide posts on the website and mobile versions of the Facebook application; the method is not much different from hiding posts in the Facebook Lite application.

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