How to Hide Instagram Live from Some Other Users

When live streaming on IG you want some friends or users to not be able to see it? Here’s how to hide Instagram Live from some other users.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media applications that is equipped with various interesting and useful features for its users. In addition to making posts and stories on the Instagram application, now we also make short videos using the Instagram Reels feature or greet our followers using the Live Streaming feature.

The Live Streaming feature is one of the popular features that almost all social media applications have; like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. By utilizing this feature, we can interact directly with other social media application users. Even now the Live Streaming feature is also owned by marketplace applications; such as the Shopee application, Tokopedia, and other marketplace applications. That way, the seller can interact directly with potential customers.


Talking about the live streaming feature in the Instagram application, we can limit users who watch our live-streaming videos on the Instagram application. That way, we can hide our live-streaming video from one or more other Instagram application users. Hiding live streaming videos in the Instagram app is very easy; for a more complete explanation, we can follow a few simple steps below.


1. Open the Instagram application on your android device and then log in using your active personal account. Open the Stories menu and then tap the Settings or Gear icon at the top left of the Stories menu to open the Camera Settings menu.

2. On the Camera Settings menu page, find and tap the Live Streaming menu.

3. Select the right arrow icon on the Hide live menu. And, then select one or more other Instagram accounts. Or, we can also search for a specific Instagram account by using the search field. Give a checklist of Instagram accounts that are not allowed to watch/view our Instagram live-to-stream. Done, tap the Back icon and we can immediately make a live stream according to the content that we prepared earlier.

4. However, if we want to allow the Instagram account to watch the live streaming video that we made, repeat the steps above and then delete the checklist for Instagram. Done.


With just a few simple steps above, we can now hide our live streaming from some other application users. We can also at any time allow other Instagram application users to be able to view / re-watch streaming videos that we make.

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