how to hide instagram story from stalker

Instagram Story or better known as Instastory is one of the features, as well as the way most netizens use to share every moment on social media. Instagram Story itself is a quite unique feature where this feature only lasts for 24 hours.

So, users can upload photos, images, and videos with a maximum duration of 30 seconds to their Instagram account. Once uploaded, the video will only last for a while because the time limit is only 24 hours.

Talking about the Instagram Story problem, generally we want other people to see the Instastory that we make. But sometimes, sometimes we don’t want certain users to see Instagram Stories that we make for certain reasons. If you are one of those who are included, then you must know how to hide Instagram Stories from other people. As for the tutorial, you can listen below.


1. Open Instagram on your smartphone .

2. Enter the profile, then tap the three horizontal lines located at the top right corner – settings.

3. Select privacy, then Story.

4. Select Hide stories from, then enter your username.

5. Done.

Apart from using the method above, you can also use other methods because there are two ways to hide Instagram Stories. And this second method is much simpler and faster because you don’t need to enter Instagram settings. This second method is enough to find the Instagram profile username, then tap the three vertical dots and select hide story.

By using the methods above, you can manage who has the right to see your Instagram Story because after all, not everyone should be able to freely view the photos or videos that we have on Instagram.

This is the tutorial on how to hide Instagram Stories from other people. Hope it is useful.