How to Hide Number of Likes on Instagram Posts

Now social media applications have become a basic need of today’s millennial society. How come? Through social media applications, users can easily obtain and get the latest information easily and quickly. And one of the most widely used social media applications by the world community today is the Instagram application.


Along with the increasing number of users of the Instagram application, the Instagram application has indirectly switched functions from a photo and video sharing application to an information and promotion application.

Talking about the Instagram application, it certainly cannot be separated from the features in this application. In addition to always updating the appearance of new effects, the Instagram application also always releases the latest features. Interestingly, apart from being equipped with features that aim to make your Instagram posts look cooler; in fact the Instagram application is also equipped with features that aim to maintain mental health.


Previously, the Instagram application had released a feature to disable comments. By activating this feature, other accounts that see your posts cannot leave comments. This feature aims to prevent bullying and malicious comments from other Instagram app users.

Now, the Instagram application has released another mental health feature. This feature is called Hide Likes and View Count. This feature is present in the background because there are several or many Instagram users who feel the number of likes and views is very important so that it can interfere with the health or mental health of users.


1. Open the Play Store application, and then first upgrade the Instagram application to the latest version. If you have successfully upgraded, just open the Instagram application on your Android phone.

2. Click the Profile icon to open your Instagram account page. After that, click the three-line icon in the upper right corner of your Instagram account settings menu and then click Settings . After the Settings Settings menu opens, just find and click the Privacy menu .

3. Just go to the Intractions folder and click the Posts feature. Then enable the Hide Likes and View Count feature . By activating this feature, not only the number of likes or likes is hidden, but the number of views of the Instagram post.

4. More or less the following is a view of an Instagram post where the number of likes and the number of views is hidden.


Keep in mind that the Hide Likes and View Count feature aims to hide the number of likes and views for all Instagram posts of other accounts that you see; not to hide the number of likes and views of your posts on other Instagram accounts.

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