How to Insert Image on Footer in Word with WPS Office

Creating and processing documents in the form of words is one of the activities that is mostly carried out by people today, whether from the student, student, worker level, and so on. Of the many forms of files, the most commonly used are word documents. By using the processing application we can use the facilities to edit the text so that it becomes the document we want or need.


Headers and footers are one of the facilities contained in a word document for us to put something that is needed at the top or bottom of a document. In the header we can put letterhead and other information at the top of the document. As with the footer , here we can insert page numbers, footnotes, and other information that the user needs.

And one of the things that we can also insert into the footer and header is an image, as we will discuss in this tutorial. Namely about how to insert an image on the footer in a word document file.

However, in this tutorial, the author uses the WPS Office tool as an application to process these words. Meanwhile, Microsoft Word applications that are generally used may not be much different.


1. The first step, open a word processing application and the document you want to edit the footer or header . And just hover over the insert menu then select header and footer .

2. Then select Pictures after the Header and Footer menu appears to insert the required image. Point to the footer .

3. Set the desired size or layout with the image.

4. Furthermore, if the document can be found cover we want to differentiate and do not require footer on his part, is still in the menu Header and Foote r click Header and Footer Option to set it.

5. After that the options window appears , check the check box on the Different First Page section to remove the footer on the first page. And click OK .

Then the result will be like the following image.

Done. Easy enough, right? With the arrangement, especially in steps number four and five, we also don’t need to separate related document files. Okay, that’s it – I hope this tutorial was helpful and helpful.


Word footer functions to create page numbers, footnotes, and other information. In the Footer we can also insert images, not just text. To be able to insert an image in the footer you can follow a few easy steps in the tutorial above using WPS Office.

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