How to Install a New Font on a Windows Laptop / PC

How to Install a New Font on a Windows Laptop / PC

Windows is a type of operating system (Operating System) found on a computer or laptop device. The existence of the Windows operating system aims to regulate all functions and performance contained in a PC device, so that the PC or computer will work optimally. Windows is one of the most widely used operating systems by PC users in the world. This is because this operating system has many advantages and features that are qualified when compared to other operating systems.

In computing activities and daily work, of course we will not be separated by writing on the computer. Where in the process of writing this, by default Windows already provides various types of fonts to use. In addition, we can also choose the fonts that we want according to your needs. But what if we want to use a type of font that isn’t found in Windows. This time the author will provide a tutorial on how to install new fonts on the Windows operating system. The steps can be seen as follows:

1. First, we need to download the desired font file . One of them can be downloaded on the site

2. After that, select the font that you want to download , then click download.

3. Wait until the download process is complete.

4. The next step, extract the file that was downloaded earlier. Then a file that will have a .tff format will appear

5. Open the file (press double click). After the font model display menu appears , click install.

6. The results can be seen as follows.

This is the tutorial for installing new fonts on the Windows operating system. Later the new font type that has been installed will be able to be used in all software such as office, corel draw to adobe photoshop so that it becomes easier to use. May be useful.

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