How to Install the WA Notification Led with the Sender’s Name

Tired of our monotonous WhatsApp notification display? Come on, just replace it with the notification LED . Besides being unique, there is also the name of the sender too. Are you curious to try? Jump to the article below.


If you see the Led notification, maybe some of us will remember Blackberry cellphones in the past. Where almost all BlackBerry uses a led light, and lights up when there are incoming notifications.

Notification is indeed very important because it becomes a marker or reminder when there is something important, such as a message or other notification that must be replied to or handled immediately.


Well, now is the era of WhatsApp, everyone is using WhatsApp today. Yes, although it is possible that they also use other messenger applications . WhatsApp is an instant messaging application , every incoming message will enter the notification bar and bring up a message notification. But sometimes WhatsApp notification messages become less attractive because they are monotonous and that’s all.

Now you can replace the notification with a Led light accompanied by the name of the sender.


Indeed, some smartphones may already be equipped with notification LEDs, but for those of you who haven’t, don’t be discouraged. You can also add WhatsApp Led notifications with the sender’s name easily. Simply use the AOE application. What is the AOE application and how to use it. Immediately follow the tutorial below.


1. You must first download the Pro or premium version of the AOE application , and install it.

2. The second step, tap the Main Settings menu then you will be directed to 2 more menus, namely Required and Optional Permissions .

3. The third step, check all the menus in the required permissions then tap on the optional permissions and select let the application run without restrictions. Don’t forget to scroll down and tap SAVE .

4. The fourth step, select the Application Settings menu, tap When to turn on. Then select or check the menu checklist when there is a notification. Then choose always, and finally you can adjust according to your own wishes.

5. The fifth step, tap Lighting Settings and then select the menu Lighting place .

6. The sixth step, set to the Application name and title, then to adjust the size of the led slide – slide on the menu size and placement. Select the Color and edge menu then select a color tap the edge color to select the led color.

7. Approximately the results are as shown below.


This is how to use the AOE application and how to create a Led notification accompanied by the name of the sender on the WhatsApp application. Hopefully this will help you and don’t forget to share with other friends so they can also add led notifications.

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