How to keep important documents safe at System

Previously we need to know, that not all cellphones or smartphones have this feature. To be able to get it, your cellphone or smartphone must be supported by Color OS 5.1 and above, because the Color OS generally already has the Private Safe feature. To find out what Color OS is, you can check it at Settings-About Phone. Next, let’s look at how to use the Private Safe feature.


Private Safe is one of the features for cell phone or smartphone security, which is currently OPPO’s focus to provide extra security for OPPO users, such as hiding various files, music, photos, videos, songs and other important data on their cellphones or smartphones. the smartphone.

That way, you don’t have to worry if your friends, siblings or other people borrow your cellphone and look at your photo album collection carelessly.

Private Safe also has advantages, namely that this feature is a default from your cellphone or smartphone, so you don’t need to download and eat up your storage memory because you have to install it first.


This Private Safe is very useful for those of you who don’t want your data to be seen by just anyone. For example, our friends who like to open a photo gallery or file manager without permission to see our disgraceful photos or other important documents.

When this feature is activated, our documents are more secure and not just anyone can access them. Because to use this feature, we need a passcode. Previously, we also need to set up an email and security question as a recovery method in case we forget our Private Safe passcode. To find out more, let’s take a look at how to activate it.


Here’s a simple guide to activating it:

1. Go to Settings

2. Select the Security menu and select Private Safe

3. A pattern will appear where you will be asked to create a passcode to lock your Private Safe

4. Then the document that you will enter will appear, consisting of 4 categories Photos, Audio, Documents, Other 

5. You can choose one of the categories that you will save in Private Safe. For example, what you will save in Private Safe is a photo, then select Photos and then tap.

6. Press the Import Files or Add button at the bottom centre or sometimes the bottom right

7. Then a photo from your gallery will appear, and you are asked to provide a check-list of which photos will be included in the Private Safe

8. If you have, select Add to Private Safe at the bottom centre, then wait for it to be uploaded to Private Safe

9. Photos no longer appear in public galleries and are stored in Private Safe, which cannot be accessed by just anyone


1. To open it is quite easy, you can go through Settings and like the initial process of making it. But there is a faster and easier way. Here’s how:

2. Tap Photos or Gallery, and then Albums will appear.

3. Tap Albums longer, until a pattern appears to enter your Private Safe passcode

4. Next you will go to your Private Safe page, and that’s where your photo or file that you added earlier


That’s how to use Private Safe, most of which are defaults from HP OPPO. If you want to restore your files so they are not hidden, then the method is the same as when opening files in the Private Safe, then select the files/photos to be removed from the Private Safe and then select Set as Public.

Hopefully this feature can avoid people who are less responsible for the misuse of photos/files that we have. Good luck friends.

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