How to Lock Whatsapp Web with a Password

Security is an absolute must for everyone, especially when it comes to social media. World technology activists interpret this need for security well, one of which is WhatsApp. The service end to end encryption  makes  WhatsApp  application  chat  of the most widely used today. End to end encryption itself is a communication process that can only be known from the user or sender to recipient.

However, each application must have its own drawbacks. As we know the WhatsApp application can be used for the Desktop version, with WhatsApp Web. Both do have the same  end to end encryption service, but WhatsApp Web  cannot be screen locked like WhatsApp on a smartphone via an application.

Of course this is a hassle especially if you have friends who are idly opening your laptop and at that time WhatsApp Web is connected. There is indeed a way to create a laptop password and then go into sleep mode  Perpetrators will no longer be able to tamper with our personal WhatsApp .

But this method is fairly old-fashioned and takes a long process because the laptop needs a booting process  Another way that can be used is to use google chrome extensions called WA Web Plus for WhatsApp.


This extension has features that can make the WA Web safer and more powerful. The 4 main features of this extension  are  enchancements, business tools, export,  and statistics.


1. Enchancements or enhancements are extension  features that can add various enhancements to the WA Web. With this feature we can easily manage our contacts, messages, online status and typing , and lock screens.

2. Business tools , a feature that is perfect for those of you who use the Business version of the WA Web   Can easily set broadcast schedules , messages and Auto Reply  and more.

3. The export  feature is a feature that allows you to export  chat  data more easily.

4. Statistics section that shows your chat statistics on the WA Web such as the number of chats today.


Switch to the Chrome Web Store page  then type Whatsapp PLUS. Select Whatsapp Web Plus for WhatsApp. Click the Add to Chrome button  to add the extension to chrome. Select Add Extension,  then wait a few moments.

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