How to make a camera flash into an application notification

Along with current technology, there are lots of applications that support Android phones that can be used easily and for free. One of them is a notification application on an Android cellphone. As it is known that now, Android cellphone users can easily create various notification displays. One of them is creating a notification with a flashlight.


On Android phones, flashlight is a built-in feature that functions as a flashlight or provides a bright light when taking photos or videos. But with the Flash Alert application, we can display notifications from the application by using a flashlight.


1. First download and install the Flash alert for all Notification application on the Play Store. After the Flash alert application has been successfully installed, just open the application to make the camera flash a notification.

2. Then an information box will appear, essentially containing a request for permission to display the flashlight when there is an incoming message or call. Click I agree .

3. After that the application will ask permission to access contacts and media on your Android phone. Now, you can activate flashlight notifications on your Android phone. First of all click on the Start button to activate the flashlight notification.

4. Enable Notification for app , and the Flash alert application asks the device permission to display the notification. After that, click back to return to the main page of the Flash alert application.

5. Then re-enable Notification for app , and you will be directed to the application page. Select the application that you want to display the flash notification for, and after selecting the application, click back to return to the main page of the Flash alert application.

6. In the Advance folder , find and click the feature called Flash Module . Choose between the front camera flash or the rear camera flash that you want to be used as a flashlight notification. If your Android phone doesn’t have a front camera flash, the Flash Alart application will automatically use the rear camera flash.

7. Then the Speed ​​folder. In the On Length feature , set the length of the flashlight notification. In the Off Length feature , set the blinking of the flashlight notification light.

8. Click Test Start to see an example of a flashlight notification when there is a notification from the application you selected. To stop click Test Stop . Done, now every time an application notification comes in, the Android HP camera flashlight will light up.


By using a flashlight as a notification, we can know when a message comes in or a certain notification comes in without having to look at the Android screen directly. This application will be very useful when you are in a busy situation in the field.

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