How to make a Chrome cursor a funny character

Often surf in cyberspace using Google Chrome? Bored with normal or mediocre cursor shapes? let’s change your cursor to be cuter with Cute Cursor . Follow the steps below.


Internet users around the world or even in Indonesia are certainly familiar with the name Google Chrome. Google’s browser application or browsing site is indeed quite widely used by anyone to search for information on the Internet.

Google Chrome also received the title as the best version of the site perambaan lifewire in 2019 ago. With various functions and other advantages, Google Chrome is able to get rid of its competitors in browsing matters.

After all, it will be very difficult to ignore Google Chrome, because almost all internet browsers use it. So, according to the title above, we will discuss how to change the cursor in Chrome to make it funnier and more unique.


In short, this cursor means a marker on the computer monitor screen that is capable of moving or being moved via the mouse . Usually, the visible pointer or cursor will only be in the form of an icon like an arrow. However, with a few tricks we can change the shape at will. We can change it through the existing settings on the computer or laptop that we have.

But what if you only want to change the cursor while browsing using Google Chrome? Find out how below.


1. Open the chrome browser on your laptop or PC, then go to the chrome web store site . In the search field, type Cute Cursor . Select the very top Cute Cursor extension .

2. Tap the Add to Chrome menu to add an extension.

3. Next, you will be taken to the cute cursor site , tap the Collection menu at the bottom to see a collection of available cursor choices.

4. You can select one of the cursors to add, tap the Add menu . You can also add all collections by tapping Add All Cursor .

5. In the upper right corner tap the cursor icon to customize the cursor size or replace it with another shape.


It’s not too difficult, not to make your chrome cursor more attractive. There are many cute icons that you can choose so you don’t get bored. Apart from the extensions above, you can also use a similar extension to make the cursor unique.

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