How to Make a Driping Effect with One Tap on Android

Ever seen a photo post with a water droplet effect or like melted ice? Well, this effect is called the dripping effect . In this article Inwepo will share interesting tips to make photos with the dripping effect with one tap . Curious to try? See directly below below.

Capturing every moment of daily activities is now a necessity. Especially in an age of development like now that makes many people anesthetized to linger see their social media for hours just to see posts from other social media accounts.

Photos become one of the main things that we often see in the media today. Many photos become very amazing when it has passed the editing process . This is usually done by photographers or editors but now it is not only photographers who need the editing process to beautify the results of photographs that have been taken. But anyone who is in contact with social media certainly requires the name of editing to produce interesting photos before uploading to their respective accounts.

Because photo editing isn’t as complicated as it used to be, only armed with your smartphone can make your photos cooler. For example, by using the dripping effect . This dripping effect makes it look as if our photos are dripping or melting. Interesting isn’t it, and certainly more unique than others.

Well, for those of you who want to beautify your photos with the drip effect, below are easy steps.

1. The first step, make sure you have installed the Instasquare application first on your smartphone .

2. The second step, open the Instasquare application then select the Drip Effect menu then select the Gallery menu to add photos from the smartphone gallery or select the Camera menu to add photos directly from the camera.

3. The third step, do not forget to give access permissions to the application by clicking Allow. Select the appropriate crop size then tap the checklist.

4. The fourth step, directly select the drip effect by selecting the drip icon at the bottom. To change the background color tap the color icon above the drip menu icon .

5. The fifth step, tap the checklist to save the photo, you can add effects or other edits by tap Continue editing or tap directly save to the gallery to save the edits to the smartphone gallery .

Thus the tutorial How to Make Driping Effects with One Tap on Android. May be useful.

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