How to Make a File Folder with Rar or Zip Forms

How to Make a File Folder with Rar or Zip Forms

How to Create a File Folder with Rar or Zip Forms – How to create a file or folder in the form of a rar and zip password using the Winrar application. Surely you often encounter files in the form of rar or zip. The files in the form of rar or zip are actually archive of ordinary files such as word, excel, pdf file image and so on inside. Only by using the rar file function is usually smaller than the original file size and this is widely used on files uploaded on the internet.

Files in rar format must be opened using the Winrar application, while the zip format can be opened without the need to install the WinRAR application. Many advantages of the WinRAR application, which can compress files in two forms, namely rar and zip files, can create a password in RAR files, make installation and other setups.

Well this time I will share how to create a rar or zip file using the Winrar application.

1. Install the Winrar application first

2. The files that will be compressed with Winrar should be made in a folder first

3. Then right-click on the file and select Add to archive as shown in the example below:

How to Make a File Folder with Rar or Zip Forms

Next the display will appear as follows:

How to Make a File Folder with Rar or Zip Forms

Here I will only explain functions that are often used. Look at the picture above. To change the name of the file can change it in the Archive name column , change the file name as desired.

Then if you want the results to be in rar or zip format, you can select the Archive format option To divide a file into several parts, use the Split to volume, size function, select the desired file part size. As a result, the file will be in the form part1 to the following parts.

Now the function of Winrar which is often also used is to create a RAR password file. For that you can use the Set Password function. After that you can click OK to make your file an Rar or Zip format archive fileMay be useful.

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