How to Make a Formal Passport on Instagram

Want to make a formal photo pass easily and quickly? Well, just use Instagram! Want to know how to read the article below to the end.


Nowadays, of course, we are already familiar with what is called a formal photo pass. Yes, we often use a formal photo suit for various purposes, whether it’s to apply for a job, make an ID card and so on. Generally, for our formal photographs in Indonesia, we are required to use a red or blue background or background according to odd or even birth years. If you need a formal photo in an urgent situation, you can try using Instagram to make it instantly .

Surely you are curious, how can you make a formal photo pass only with Instagram?


If you are an Instagram user, of course, you are already familiar with the filter effect on the Instagram camera. Yep, Instagram itself provided a lot of filters that are sophisticated and attractive uploaded by the creators of filters to instagram to embellish the story that we will create. Because of the sophistication of the filter itself, we can also use it for our daily needs, for example, to make a formal photo pass according to the article title above.

If previously it was too complicated to go through the editing process which was quite time consuming, you can easily and instantly get a formal photo pass armed with an Instagram account and filters in it.


1. Open the Instagram camera or create a story as usual. Then the next step is to tap on one of the filters depending on which one. Then tap on the filter name section . Later you will be directed to the advanced menu, tap again Explore the Effects Gallery to find other filters.

2.Type in the filter search  formal background , and select an effect that appears from fariznugra. Tap the download icon to save the filter effect on the Instagram camera or tap Try to try the filter.

3. Tap the shutter button to use it, to change the background color tap tap on the background. Then you can directly tap the download icon to save the results to the gallery.


For those of you who need a cheap, easy, and practical formal photo pass, you can take advantage of the filter features in the tutorial above. Not only blue and red backgrounds , you can also use other colors. Good luck!