How to make a moving Android application icon on the homescreen

How to make a moving Android application icon on the homescreen

Wallpaper mobile  Android users often use smarthphone to display favorite photos or graphics. Android wallpaper which is often called the homescreen is the initial display when using the device.

In addition to photos, homescreen or wallpaper is also often filled with favorite application icons that are often used. If usually the icons on the wallpaper are static, this time we will make the icons on the wallpaper move along with the gravity of the direction the phone is scrolling . Surely it will provide interesting effects on your Android wallpaper . Besides being able to make the application icon appear to fall, you can also add photos in your Android wallpaper .

The “rolling icons – launcher & 3D live wallpaper 2020″ application you can use to get the effect of falling icons on the  homescreen. The application developed by the developer ” Cute Wallpapers Studio ” has a file size that is classified as very small and light that is 6.1 MB. The “rolling icon – 3D launcher & live wallpaper 2020” application is available free on the Play Store and you can download it only using your Play Store account.

Here’s how to make the Android wallpaper icon appear to fall and collide in the direction of gravity where the cellphone is rolled.

1. Install the application “scrolling icon – 3D launcher & live wallpaper 2020.

Download the Rolling Icons application

2. Click “Add Icon”.

3. Select any icon to be displayed on the wallpaper.

In this section, you should select the application icons that you use the most, for example Whatsapp, Instagram, contact name, gallery and favorite game application icons.

4. Click the back arrow.

5. Click install wallpaper.

6. Click home or back on your device, a notification will appear, after that select 3D Live Wallpaper.

7. Your wallpaper icon will fall following the gravity of the device’s scroll.

Thus the tutorial How to Make Movable Android Application Icons on the Homescreen . May be useful.

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