How to Make a Simple YouTube Thumbnail with PixelLab

How to Make a Simple YouTube Thumbnail with PixelLab

 the word thumbnail means thumb. Thumbnail images also aim to provide a brief overview of the video to the viewer. Then, how do you create thumbnail  images for videos on YouTube? By using the PixelLab application we can create simple thumbnails .

No need to linger anymore, let’s just make a simple thumbnail image in the PixelLab application.

1. Download the free PixelLab application on Play Store.

2. Open the PixelLab application installed on your device.

3. Click on the ‘ dot ‘ icon → select ‘ image size ‘.

4. Select the ‘ YouTube Thumbnail ‘ form, and click ok.

5. Enter the image, click the ‘ + ‘ icon → select ‘ From gallery ‘.

Select the aspect ratio of the 16: 9 image, click check.

6. Adjust the size of the image with the background size , click the ‘ hexagon ‘ icon → select ‘ relative size ‘.

7. Open the ‘ Layers ‘ menu , and move the text layer above the image layer. Cover the layer.

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