How to make a tiktok private or locked account

How to make a tiktok private or locked account

TikTok is a music video platform application that is already very popular in the world. By using the TikTok application users can create an interesting short video using the effects or filters available on the application.

In Play Store, this application has been installed by more than 100 million users, even TikTok itself has claimed to have more than 800 million active users on their applications. Users of this application are usually dominated by young people who love to dance or dance.

There are many very useful and interesting features that you can use in the Tiktok application, one of which is the Private Account feature. This feature will make your TikTok account locked, so that no one can see the content or videos that you have made, except for those who have followed you. If you are interested in using the private account feature, please follow the following ways to create a private or locked tiktok account.

1. Please open the Tiktok application on your Android phone.

2. Next, on the start page of the TikTok application, please press my menu at the bottom right.

3. Then in the profile section, press the menu or icon icon at the top right to enter the settings menu.

4. Continue by pressing the privacy and security menu .

5. Then pay attention to the private account section . Please activate the feature by pressing or activating the slider or toggle on the right side until it turns green.

6. If it is already active, then your account will be private or locked. Later every time someone visits your profile, they must follow you first to be able to see the video that you made, like the picture below.

That’s how to create a private or locked tiktok account very easily and correctly . By activating this feature, it means that everyone who wants to see the video that you make must follow you first and you agree.

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