How to Make an Interesting Schedule Using the ClassUp App

As a student, of course, you have a class schedule and assignments that must be submitted according to the deadline . However, sometimes we like to forget the assignments given by the teacher because we don’t record the assignments given. So when the deadline is at the corner of your eye you will panic to do your job.

In fact, they often just do their work at school or by using the SKS (overnight racing system). Therefore, you need to manage your schedule and tasks well. You can also create an interesting schedule for you to see so as to minimize you from not checking the schedule. To create an interesting schedule you can set the display with the things you like.

You can use the ClassUp application to make your schedule more attractive and aesthetic . This application can help you recap all your subjects and assignments at school.


ClassUp is an application that is used to manage the schedule of subjects and assignments that we get. With this application you can make a view of all the schedules and notes that you get according to your wishes. The ClassUp application can be used for students and students.

In this application you can share schedules with your friends, you can also send messages with your friends through this application. This application will really help you in completing assignments, because you can make alerts to remind you if assignments or subjects need to be prepared immediately. Check out how to use the ClassUp application to make an interesting schedule.


1. You can start by downloading the ClassUp application on the Play Store via an Android phone or the Appstore on an iPhone.

2. Open the ClassUp application and a screen will appear where you can log in using your email, facebook, or google account.

3. After you enter your account, you must write down where you go to school now. Then several school groups will appear, you can choose to join a group according to your school. After that, you can enter the schedule menu.

4. Next, you can change the background of the schedule that you will set according to your wishes and also you can change the color of the text accordingly.

5. After changing the background you can start creating your schedule by clicking the plus circle menu on the bottom right. You can set the name of the class, the day of the subject, the teacher who teaches, the color of the schedule box, the subject and the time reminder.

6. Then you can go back, then select the settings menu on the top right to set the start and end hours of all lessons in a day. Like starting at 08.00 – 16.00 WIB.

7. Next, you can add notes in the form of tasks given by clicking the menu on the bottom left.

8. After you have finished setting all your schedules, you can change your schedule into a photo in the settings menu. After your schedule is turned into a photo you can use your schedule as a lockscreen or wallpaper , here’s an example.

9. Finally, if you want to send messages with your friends or add friends, you can see them in the three line menu on the top left.


This ClassUp application has a light size and will not take up too much HP memory. From this application you will be able to manage your schedule well and make the appearance of your images attractive. Everything will look interesting if it is according to what we like. With you making a schedule with a view according to your wishes will make you not bored to see the schedule. Because interesting things are hard to forget.