How to Make Animated Background Emoji on Instagram

Tricks about Instagram never run out and make us bored. Well, this time technowordl also has an interesting trick to make animated backgrounds for stories directly using the Instagram application.


For those of you who really like traveling, vacationing, or telling stories, of course, the instastory feature is a mainstay feature to share experiences and activities you do. It is undeniable that today many Instagram users prefer to make Stories rather than post on their Instagram feed. In addition to many who saw, we ourselves of course also really like to see the stories that appear above the feed posts on Instagram.

Nowadays, Instagram is becoming more and more popular. Initially, Instagram was only used for those who like to take pictures and then show off their photos in Instagram feed posts. However, more and more Instagram is used by many users for various purposes. For example, such as searching, entertainment, and the latest information as promotional media. The rapid development of Instagram has made many users always enthusiastic to wait for the arrival of new features launched by Instagram.


Creating content for Instagram itself is indeed difficult, especially if we don’t have references or content ideas. For that, technowordl will share the latest tips on making animated emoji backgrounds, so that your story posts become more interesting. To know more about how to make it, see the following tutorial.


1. Open the Instagram application on your respective smartphones then tap the Stories menu to create a new storyUpload a photo or image that you will make a story, then tap the Aa icon or add text.

2. Make sure you choose a text style like in the picture or the side of the bold italic font style. Next, tap the emoji icon on the keyboard to select the emoji to use. Select the A menu on the top left to make the emoji move or animate.

3. Copy as many emoji as you want to make the background. If you have tapped the tick then tap the sticker icon in the top menu.

4. Select the sticker plus photo, and enter the same image as the previous one, then reduce it and adjust it to the previous image.


Very simple and easy is not it? Here we don’t need third-party applications or AI websites to create attractive animated backgrounds. It’s more time-saving and interesting to share on Instagram Stories.

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